2015!, Design, Illustration

Here’s to 2015 // Freebie alert!

…Let’s make it brilliant, dazzling, exciting, exhilarating, stimulating, vivacious, coruscating, effervescent, lively, vibrant, ebullient, sparkling, shining, bright, gleaming, glittering, twinkling, coruscating, flashing, shimmering, shimmery…and all that!

If you’d like a free copy of our 2015 The Sun & The Moon Calendar, featuring the mysterious Victorian Lady with the zany ‘Times Square’ patterned skirt, just contact the studio!


Or, if you’d rather print it out yourself, here’s the PDF: 2015_sunandmoon

2015_sunandmoonDesign, Hamburg: Tessa Scott | Photo, New York: Andrés Crump