Alchemy: from poem to song

Setting of “Mother of Pearl” for voice, trombone and cello by Lisa Stick
I first met music educator and singer, Audrey Bashore, when she taught my son at the Kindermusik early years music studio in Hamburg.

A few years later, Audrey asked me if I’d be interested in collaborating with her and jazz composer Lisa Stick to turn one of my poems into a song. That’s how I came to be sitting in a comfy armchair listening to Audrey singing my poem, with Lisa on trombone and Ruben on cello. It was a live transformation of one art form into another and alchemy of the best kind.

Being a part of Audrey’s Art Song project was magical, so I was doubly thrilled when they agreed to perform settings of Mother of Pearl, and Sounds of the Sea at the launch of Dream Houses.